N7213W: 1962 Piper Cherokee PA-28 180:  $39,500
We are selling our nicely equipped 1962 Piper Cherokee 180.  It's the highest horsepower Cherokee, with the 180 HP Lycoming engine, Garmin 430 non-WAAS with Collins glideslope indicator, RANGR ADS-B out (mode S), IFR equipped and certified Sept 2016, Apollo GX-60 second GPS-comm, Precision vertical card compass, high intensity LED landing light (Teledyne), upgraded starter, alternator and voltage regulator.  No autopilot, but the plane is nicely trimmed and flies cross country IFR/VFR very easily.  42 gallons usuable, 124 knot cruise at 9.8 gph is typical.  Hangered most if its life, no damage or hail.  Based in Brooksville, Florida (KBKV) since January 2015.  Most of its life in dry climates- last owner was in the California desert, where it was also hangered.

Ross Statham  Cell/Text: (770) 329-5400 

2815 hours on the airframe (serial number 28-1155)

515 hours SMOH (since major overhaul) completed October 1, 2001 with Millennium cylinders

2-blade Hartzell prop has 645 hours since overhaul; it's a single-speed prop, of course.

Annual completed August 2016, all AD's complied with; plane is ready to fly!  IFR certification thru August 2018.


Performance - Takeoffs are as expected- mixture to best performance, full power and rotate at 70 mph.  Climb at 90 mph.  Expect to cruise at 124-125 knots true ground speed burning 9.9 gallons per hour.  She'll easily take three adults, a full load of fuel and a decent amount of baggage.  She trims nicely, climbs well and flies straight and true.  Flies instrument approaches like a champ.  Holds 50 gallons of fuel; figure about 46 or 47 usable, or 4 1/2 hours range.  I usually land with 20-30 degrees of flaps.

The engine's in great shape- last annual just performed in July 2016, only thing needed was a repair to the heater shroud (for the carb heat), new spark plug copper rings and a replacement bumper for the front landing gear strut.  The engine starts right up even if hot or cold-- never had any problems, give her six squirts of gas then crank her.  I lead her on the ground in order to prevent plug fowling.

Avionics-- I routinely fly the ILS and GPS approaches using the Garmin 430, and the pitot static system and transponder checks are good through September 2018.    The Garmin database expired end of July 2016.  The second GPS Comm is an older GX-60 (works great, always nice to have a backup).  The FreeFlight RANGR Mode S transponder gets it code from the Narco AT150, so all you have to do is turn on both units, and set the code using the Narco-- the RANGR immediately picks it up and squawks using mode S.    I replaced the ancient Piper whisky compass with a Precision Instruments vertical card compass; the ONLY squawk on the avionics is some drift on the heading indicator, which will probably need to be replaced in a year or two.  (Easily done, but it's not annoying me enough to worry about.)  The photos show an iPad mini mount that's screwed to the left pilot side.

Paint & Interior - See the photos.  I'd conservatively rate the paint a 7-8; it was repainted about 2000, and it's a nice white/bronze/brown.  I get lots of nice comments.  No damage.  Some minor paint spots, no hanger rash.   Interior's maroon, and I'd rate it a 9.  Carpet's in good shape, seats are very comfortable (according to all of our passengers).  Again, see the photos-- click on any photo below to see a closeup; it will load in a new window, you can click or download for even more detail.  I uploaded the full high res photo of each view below.

Logbooks - Complete.  My A&P for the past two annuals, Bob Barryhill, says it's a "nice airplane that's been well maintained."  He informs me that she has all of her AD's complied with and that she's totally up to date.   I'm in the process of scanning my log books and will have them as PDFs for review shortly if they're not already loaded and referenced up at the top of this page.

Squawks, Recent Repairs & Upgrades-- As stated above, some drift on the heading indicator, which will probably need to be replaced in a year or two.  Last year I replaced the 12V battery (did it myself), and my mechanic upgraded my starter to the new high energy (but lighter) starter as well as upgrading to a new high-power alternator & voltage regulator.  We added a high intensity Teledyne LED taxi and landing light in 2015, which has six times the illumination but draws 1/10 of the power..   The big upgrade was adding the Garmin 430, Collins indicator, and ADS-B "out" compliance and getting the plane IFR certified.

Why am I selling?-- I love this plane, which I named "Shirley" (remember the movie "Airplane"?), but my business partners wanted our company (of which I'm the majority owner and only pilot) to buy something faster for my business trips.  We've bought a Bonanza vTail.  So I've priced this plane right for a quick sale to a good home.   (Speaking of the "Shirley" on the nose, it's in vinyl letters and can easily be removed.  It'll peel right off.)


CLICK ON ANY PHOTO BELOW TO ENLARGE (Photos taken KBKV Sept 20, 2016):