Recruit to Fill

Are you a prime contractor?

Dogwood's Recruit to Fill program provides prime contractors with expert personnel, unparalleled flexibility and an ability to win more contracts and more quickly staff those contracts in a timely manner.

  • Temp to Permanent:  Dogwood can hold personnel as a subcontractor for a specified period, at which point you would have the option to hire. This gives you the flexibility of determining those you would want permanently on your team, and allow you to bring people on to your contract quickly and efficiently.
  • Recruiting Services:  We can act as unpaid recruiters, helping you to fill hard to find positions. If you use us as a subcontractor for a few positions, we can provide our recruiting services to you at NO charge.  For more information, contact (Partners) Jeff Bowler or Bill Milligan.    Put us to work for you!
  • Proposal Stage:  We can supply you with qualified people, and if you need key personnel, we can quickly get them under a contingent hire agreement. And yes, we would be glad to help you with proposal verbiage and to allow you to use our past performance qualifications.
  • An established and experienced SDVOSB:  Since we're already an experienced service disabled veteran-owned small business, well experienced in the Federal subcontracting model, you're adding a partner to your team that knows how to play well in the Federal contracting area.  We bring real value to the partnership!

Experience Counts.

Dogwood has been successfully supplying high-end information technology, finance, IT analyst and IT training professionals to high profile federal projects since 2001.  We have a reputation for supplying screened and well-qualified people that understand project requirements, have excellent past performance track records and can hit the ground running. We have both cleared and uncleared personnel.

A VA-Certified SDVOSB

Dogwood Management Partners LLC is a certified service-disabled veteran-owned small business and is actively registered with the US Department of Veteran's Affairs Center for Veterans Enterprise (CVE).

DNB Open Ratings

Want some real numbers?  In our most recent DNB "Open Ratings" Report, our federal clients rated us with an overall 96% satisfaction index— that’s an “A+” in anyone’s book.

Team with someone you trust!

Since 2001, Dogwood has been delivering the goods for federal contractors and their agency clients.  We believe in good old-fashioned ethics-- doing what's right, because it's right-- and seeking the common good for all parties.

If you’re looking for a member of your team who can communicate well, plays by the rules, provides quality personnel at competitive rates, and who helps your own agency relationship to grow, call us!

Want to Learn More?

We invite prime contractors to call William "Bill" Milligan, Dogwood's Executive Vice President of Sales & Marketing, at (301) 514-3433, email or call (301) 514-3433.   Put our many years of experience in federal contracting and strong recruiting engine to work for you!